As stated in our parent handbook, the following are Learning & Sharing’s Medical Guidelines. Please do not bring your child to school if he or she is too ill to participate in our daily activities. Please use these symptoms as a guideline, and understand that we follow the same guidelines if your child becomes ill at the center.

1. Fever over 101, must be below 101 for at least 24 hours before returning to the center. Please note: your child may return the next day only with a doctor’s written consent that states your child is not contagious.
2. Frequent diarrhea (3 or more loose bowel movements)
3. Frequent vomiting (3 or more times)
4. Undiagnosed rash, proceeded with 48 hours or accompanied by a fever.
5. Undiagnosed red or discharging eyes, which are perceived to be symptoms of pink-eye. Please note:In the case of a rash or possible pink-eye, we require a doctor’s not of diagnosis and a recommended date of return, to assure that there isn’t a contagious risk to the other children. If medicine is required, the child may return 24 hours after the first dose.
6. Undiagnosed discharge from the ears or greenish discharge from the nose, ( which often indicates an infection)

Anytime that a child becomes ill in school, we will notify you. At the discretion of the director, you may be asked to pick up your child if it seems that he or she may be contagious or is too ill to remain in school. At this time, to prevent the spread of infection, your child may be removed from the classroom and left in the care of the director or another available staff member. For this reason it is very important that you pick up your child within the hour. If you are unable to pick up your child, please arrange with a friend or relative to come in your place. Repeated failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the dismissal of your child from the center.