We are actively planning our Fall programs. We go “Back to School” on August 25th and our classes will be back to their school schedules. Our curriculum encompasses all subject areas and is aligned with the PA Early Learning Standards for each age group. Whether you have a toddler just beginning to talk or a Preschooler getting ready for Kindergarten, we have the program for you! Our Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms are also certified by the PA Dept. of Education. We have experienced, certified teachers working to get your child ready for elementary school. As a Keystone STAR 3 center, we pride ourselves on exceeding the minimum regulations and policies. Whether it pertains to health & safety measures, room arrangement or observing and assessing your child, we go the extra mile. Staff members are individually planning for each child in their care, ensuring that all of their needs are being met. Daily communication and conferences at least 3-4 times/year keep you involved in your child’s progress and growth.