Fun & Loving Environment

Learning & Sharing has been a good experience for our child. It’s hard to leave your child in the care of some else but easier when you know they are having fun and learning in creative ways. We receive a monthly calendar and a detailed weekly calendar that explains the themed week and a daily report card with genuine comments about the day. The use a sensory table, learn math and science according to their age. They do arts and crafts, lots of outside time, circle time, read books and so much more. Our daughter sings us songs they teach them and she can recited the pledge of allegiance. One day I picked her up and they had they an IPad setup to watch Bald Eagle eggs hatch, I thought, wow this is great! Our daughter is very lovely and she gets plenty of hugs from the teachers, when she needs that attention. I recently volunteered for a special carnival event, with some other parents, and the kids really had a blast! I believe Learning & Sharing is educationally structured with a fun and loving environment.

N. Mays